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Minimal Rose Cuff


"Embrace The Pace of Your Journey"

Simple & modern, this everyday piece will help to keep you motivated along any journey.  

Minimal Rose Cuff


Quality & Care

Our products are made a high grade stainless steel and built to last. The best accessories are always well-cared for. Knowing the best ways to maintain them can keep your precious pieces looking great for life.

Giving Back

We want to see students thrive both in class and outside through entrepreneurship. The Marq Adderly scholarship initiative will grant a financial scholarship towards educational expenses and another towards maintaining or starting a business. 

Community Oriented

We partner with various organizations in our surrounding areas that support a multitude of endeavours for underrepresented communities for youth and children. We want to help people pursue their dreams!

A Responsible Manufacturing Process

Since day one, we have always carefully selected raw materials and worked with partners who shared similar values;

We work with manufacturers who care about the working conditions of their workers and respect strict standards. 


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