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Introducing the Tulsa 21

The Tulsa ’21 commemorates the 100th year anniversary of the tragic events that took place in the Greenwood District in Tulsa Oklahoma, between May 31 - June 1, 1921.

21 Jewels

A Reliable Premium Automatic

With an impressive 60-hour power-reserve function, this enables the Tulsa 21 to keep running for a full weekend. Besides the praticality and convenience of the longer usage, the movement's precision parts, including the patented anti-oxidation blue screws add to its aesthetic beauty.

Simplicity is Beauty

Adhering to the philosophy of “less is more, our approach to design is considered and calculated. Each component is built with precision to bring each story to life.

Beauty in simplicity is the idea that beauty can be found in things that are simple, unadorned, and uncomplicated. It is about embracing the elegance of minimalism, and finding joy in the uncluttered, clean, and unpretentious


Explore The Collection

Conceived from a commitment to ensure the faith in our products are converted to something positive, we draw inspiration from the beauty of nature and elements around us.

Explore the vast colors and intricacies of fine watch making and live your story.

Ruby Steel

Drawing inspiration from the ruby diamond, this model is fusion of bold and classic styling.

Golden Evergeeen

Drawing inspiration from nature, this model embodies the rich glow of the sun paired with a rich green hue.

Ruby Rose

Drawing inspiration from the ruby diamond, this model embodies to power and confidence that is red.

Golden Ivory

Drawing inspiration from the ivory flower, this model features a casual fusion gold & white for a classic look.


The Signature Box Set

Every watch from the black history collection, comes delivered in a sleek box, with a lug tool and an additional genuine leather strap for a 2 in 1 special.

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