“The TIME it takes to believe in yourself, is TIME well spent.”
T. Marq Adderly
Founder & CEO of Marq Adderly Watches


Our Story

Back in 2015 a question was posed to our founder, “Why not create your own Watch brand?”

Fast forward to 2018, that question was answered. MARQ ADDERLY Watches was founded on Optimism and Curiosity. Inspired by art, architecture, and minimalism, we emerged by answering three simple questions.

1. How to create a watch company with prices below traditional MARQups? Work diligently with our manufacturer to produce high quality material that can be sold at prices MARQed below $500.

2. How to align with a cause? Scholarships aided our founder at University, so we thought to pay it forward and utilize a fraction of sales proceeds and award scholarships to graduating High School Seniors in Palm Beach County, FL; with the ultimate goal of expanding throughout the United States.

3. How to generate emotion? We hope to generate emotion by empowering our customer to think of the overall impact. BUY A WATCH. HELP A STUDENT. FEEL GOOD.

Everyday choices have the power to impact the lives of those around us, and we seek to evolve each step of the way.