space force commercial

here for reprint permission, Sore losers: Hillary Clinton operatives tried to take down Trump after he won the 2016 election, Texts from Hunter Biden’s business partner show Joe Biden involved in China deal talks. Quiz: Can you name the product from its famous ad slogan? The commercial’s Wednesday debut comes nearly a week after the window for airmen to volunteer to be transferred into the Space Force opened, reported. The video was also released just weeks before Netflix is set to air its new sitcom based on the Space Force starring Steve Carell of “The Office,” on May 29. The U.S. Space Force was signed into law in December 2019 as part of the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act. The Space Force will continue to rely on Air Force infrastructure for things like recruiting, basic training, and a lot of administrative duties until the new branch is able to establish its own independent pipeline. The Space Force commercial was posted along with a link to a landing page on the Space Force website that explains a bit more about the branch’s mission and areas of responsibility. Twitter censors Obama's former attorney general over voting tweets The United States Space Force launched its first recruiting commercial on Twitter Wednesday, suggesting to potential recruits that, “maybe your purpose on this planet, isn’t on this planet. The United States Space Force, America’s newest military branch, posted a video on their Twitter account on Wednesday that offers the American public its first glimpse into what Space Force leaders envision for the branch as it grows, while simultaneously making one heck of a sales pitch for young Americans thinking about pursuing military service. Prior to the establishment of the Space Force, U.S. Air Force Space Command was tasked with America’s orbital defense, and the vast majority of Space Force personnel currently remain Airmen working under the Air Force banner. Thursday, May 7, 2020, How the shenanigans of rogue postal workers expose the weak link in mail-in voting. TOP STORIES The U.S. military has released its first commercial for the Space Force to attract what will be its first recruits as the service evolves into the military’s newest branch. COVID-19 cases strain rural hospitals, worry health officials, This unique, American-made survival rifle is perfect for your go-bag, How To: Fix Dark Spots And Uneven Skin Tones, Twitter censors Obama's former attorney general over voting tweets, 'Expand the court': AOC calls for court packing after Barrett confirmation, Click Below the paragraph, there’s a link you can follow to learn more about what it takes to serve in the country’s newest military branch. - Maybe you were put here to be the answer.”. Alex Hollings is a writer, dad, and Marine veteran who specializes in foreign policy and defense technology analysis. In 2018, President Trump directed the Pentagon to begin planning for a new, independent military service that would focus on space operations. “Maybe you weren’t put here just to ask the questions. Quiz: Can you name the actors who played these 1980s TV characters? here for reprint permission. Click to Read More Its message to new recruits: “Maybe your purpose on this planet isn’t on this planet.”. Airmen can now join the Space Force: Here’s how. Maybe your purpose on this planet isn't on this planet., — United States Space Force (@SpaceForceDoD) May 6, 2020. USSF responsibilities will include developing military space professionals, acquiring military space systems, maturing the military doctrine for space power, and organizing space forces to present to our Combatant Commands.”. and View Comments, Terms of Use / Privacy Policy / Manage Newsletters. The United States Space Force once again garnered the internet's attention late last week, this... *The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement. Is Netflix’s ‘Space Force’ an insult to the real Space Force? The commercial’s Wednesday debut comes nearly a week after the window for airmen to volunteer to be transferred into the Space Force opened, reported. The short but powerful message rounds out a brief 30-second commercial aimed at showing viewers what a job with the Space Force could look like.

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