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Signature counts continue to break internal records daily and more mail keeps pouring into our mail room.


Where are you? We should be the ones who decide and not the legislature.

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Gov Newsom is popular in his frickin head. I want him recalled because he’s failed California in containing and stopping the spread of COVID19. THIS MUST STOP. , California’s disastrous Environmental Quality Act, which ties any attempt to improve roads up in the bureaucracies and courts for years, costing additional billions? “We don’t truly have a (coronavirus) crisis.”. He needs to go now! The most prudent coarse of action is to let nature take it’s coarse, and let the strong survive, there by strengthening our entire gene pool: herd immunity.
Chas, I have to respectfully disagree with you. ... Are you troubled by encroachments on your 2nd Amendment rights, threatening your ability to purchase a firearm to protect yourself, especially now?”. But a Fear monger moron like you can’t even get simple facts right.
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Around the time recall petitions were approved for circulation by the California Secretary of State, Newsom released an official statement in response: GOVERNOR GAVIN NEWSOM’S ANSWER TO RECALL STATEMENT: WARNING: THIS UNWARRANTED RECALL EFFORT WILL COST CALIFORNIA TAXPAYERS 81 MILLION DOLLARS! He hasn’t even signed a waiver to permit independent contractors to, and hospitals during the COVID-19 crisis. He is a former assistant city editor and Peninsula bureau chief with The Chronicle and currently covers politics and San Francisco city government. He ruined San Francisco and should do the people a favor and disappear. 916.761.2312 | Newsom’s performance on California’s homeless crisis epitomizes cowardice and corruption. The last thing California needs is another wasteful special election, supported by those who demonize California’s people and attack California’s values. He’s failed at protecting all counties from eviction, leaving it up to local governments. Why don’t you take a minute to research the truth. Head over to the welfare lines for unemployment and I bet you find gobs of folks eager to sign that petition. Proposition money disappears into the abyss and is never spent on what the voters approved. They may send this embodiment of Democratic Party dysfunction to early retirement. Theses are just a few examples. Our fiscal reserves are unprecedented. For licensing opportunities for our original content, please contact Backers need to gather just under 1.5 million valid signatures by Nov. 7 to force an election asking voters whether Newsom should be ousted from office. Ridiculous lies. Has Newsom ever said a word about, , the state department responsible for implementing road improvements, where additional billions are squandered? If enough signatures are gathered by November, it would be the first Governor recall in California in 18 years when, in 2003, Governor Gray Davis was recalled over leadership issues, high taxation, and inaction over a struggling California economy. The Libertarian Party has also endorsed this recall effort.

Of course not. Print the pdf you download from. June 28, 2020 There isn’t a political professional to be found in California who believes the current attempt to recall Governor Gavin Newsom will succeed. He is a puppet of the teachers’ union, an organization with extremist views passed on to California’s captive youth through the public school system. His popularity, as well as the general left-leaning public of California, have made any recall against him pretty difficult. If you let me know what area you are in I can have them brought to you. Are you going to believe a PPIC poll that says Gruesome has a 64% approval rating or believe your own eyes? To this second question, the professionals would have an immediate and unequivocal answer.

America’s Talking is a registered trademark of Braveheart Media Holdings LLC. In 2018 California voters elected Governor Gavin Newsom by historic margins.


The second question is more to the point: Can the recall campaign find 2 million voters in California willing and able to sign a recall petition?

He claims: “Our budget is balanced.

Former Chairman of the California Republican Party and supporter of the recall Tom Del Beccaro clarified the reasons during a virtual town hall meeting last week. Has Newsom admitted that most of the stress on the forests is because the trees have become too dense due to fire suppression, preventing healthy trees from getting enough nutrients? Orrin Heatlie, a retired deputy sheriff from Yolo County, received permission Wednesday from the secretary of state to start circulating his petition. You can view a recording of the town hall at this link: VIDEOS | RECALL GAVIN  If you would like to join into our town hall, please enter your email on our website here, under the stay connected tab, so we can send you a reminder with the link to join the meeting. Newsom continues to try to fund “, ,” wasting billions, instead of improving the infrastructure Californians actually need. Instead, since California’s state government has made it impossible for developers to sell affordable homes and still make a profit, Newsom has conned voters into passing tens of billions of dollars in bonds. With petitions approved for circulation and a deadline of November 17, recall campaign volunteers are trying to defy the momentum of history. Newsom’s performance on California’s homeless crisis epitomizes cowardice and corruption. Email: Twitter: @jfwildermuth.

Considering California has a population of~41million people, thats only .0042% of Americans that were even asked. FPPC ID 1424018 PO Box 417030 Sacramento, CA 95841 916.761.2312 | impossible. That deal would cost taxpayers nothing. I’ve been out for 3 weeks solid .

Paid for by California Patriot Coalition – Recall Governor Gavin Newsom, Committee major funding from: Stupid is as stupid does. Register voters need guidance to how and where we get a recall form to congress signed by 1.5 million people. His solution to housing affordability ought to be to deregulate the process of building new suburbs and building infrastructure. How much? Has Newsom admitted that most of the stress on the forests is because the. The answer to that question, undoubtedly, is yes. Has Newsom made any credible attempt to allow timber companies to selectively harvest mature trees, many of them dying, in exchange for also clearing away underbrush? Over 100,000 Evacuated in Orange County from Encroaching Wildfires, 2020 General Election Preview: 1st Senate District, Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Uber in San Francisco Over Discrimination Claims, Newsom Looks To Revamp California Dream in New Campaign Ad, Recall Effort Against Governor Newsom Gains National and International Exposure, Placer County Judge Temporary Blocks Gov. “Did you struggle to run a business, even before this lockdown, because of overregulation and the highest taxes in America?

recalled later that year over his gas tax vote. 2. Newsom claims to be “working” on five big projects to: “1) increase funding for public education, 2) protect and secure Californians’ health and health care, 3) improve water, roads, and bridges, 4) address the challenges of housing affordability and homelessness, and 5) prepare for the threats of wildfires.”.

Has Newsom ever acknowledged that, is the reason California is experiencing catastrophic wildfires, or that droughts just as severe as those in recent years, Has Newsom made any credible attempt to allow timber companies to, , many of them dying, in exchange for also clearing away underbrush? He had two recall efforts against him BEFORE the coronavirus crisis hit this nation, and how he’s handled the crisis as well as the plethora of issues facing the state in 2020 have prompted a third and arguably more organized effort to bring him to an early ballot. Committee major funding from: California Revival PAC John Cox. That deal would cost taxpayers nothing. Earlier in the week Guest speakers CA GOP Chairwoman Jessica Patterson, along with Darrell Issa joined Lead proponents Mike Netter and Orrin Heatlie on the weekly recall town hall. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Our fiscal reserves are unprecedented. I heard that the reason he is making wearing a face mask mandatory is because he just got a big contract with china for the face masks, the wearing of face masks is not healthy here are just a few facts about them.

As for California’s homeless, instead of providing cost-effective shelters in low-cost areas of California’s beleaguered counties, Newsom, along with all the Democratic mayors, have allowed the homeless to take over downtown areas and choice neighborhoods throughout the state. Democrats used to stand up for the “little guy” when it came to economics. UPDATED 10:37 AM PT – Wednesday, October 7, 2020 The latest effort to recall California Gov.

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