poe chains of command dancing duo

Command of the Pit Level: 37. 6 PoB, Scion - Mainskill: Cyclone - created by Kelvynn, [3.11] One With Nothing / Hollow Palm Ice crash + Warcries

| 8k eHP (HP\ES - 38% MOM) | Easy all content

8.6k hp ,slayer leech, 9.8-10.7 mil dps ,Depth 749, easy Uber Elder, Scion - Mainskill: Ice Spear - created by TheVengefulOne, [3.6]The Dancing Agony - Fast Clear Speed, Shaper, Guardians, Uber Atziri
They sadly dont count as animated weapons for proccing the other weapons tho, unlucky. 2 PoB, Scion - Mainskill: Molten Strike - created by Angry_Roleplayer, [3.7] Spectral Throw AllDayEveryDay 2.0 | All Content Done | 2.8M+ Shaper DPS, Scion - Mainskill: Spectral Throw - created by Xe0z. 4 PoB, Scion - Mainskill: Bane - created by Kade_wolf, [3.6] Winter Orb Dancing Duo Herald of Purity & Agony Ascendant, Scion - Mainskill: Winter Orb - created by limonenovecento, [3.6] CwC divine ire + wave of conviction [PoB], Scion - Mainskill: Wave of Conviction - created by Hallonkr%C3%A4m, [3.6] Herald Of Agony Ascendant - Begginer Friendly - Hardcore viable [3.8] Martyr of Innocence - Self Ignite - CoC Flame Surge - 1M+ DPS - Uber Elder viable! Question. 1 PoB, Scion - Mainskill: Animate Guardian - created by DreamScythe, [3.6] OneShotKill Reloaded (v2.0) Elemental Hit Totem Scion - Bazillion DPS - EZ Boss Killer Agnerod East ... Temporal Chains Level: 24. Based Blade Vortex as Elementalist + Assassin (SSF Viable), [3.5] JAZZ's CRIT CYCLONE all content viable 2MIL+ shaper dps 5mil+ burst, [3.5] New Slivertongue [3.5] | %100 Physical TS/Barrage - Deadeye/Slayer | 8.3K HP @Lv.94 Against Bosses |. In Leech We Trust // 7k+ HP - 7k+ life leech // BF Scion (Sla/Rai)

This item can be acquired through the following upgrade paths or vendor recipes: Path of Exile Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Post PSA about mechanicfor some reason people dislike youtube videofeelsbadman.

Cheap. [3.8] Scion Groundslam | Great League Starter | Budget Friendly | 2x 1H Mace / Stun Your Enemies, [3.8] Dancing Mistress - Dancing Duo Scion: Uber Elder/Atziri, Shaper, T16 ALL Map Mods, Depth 300+, [3.8] Cospri's Malice Scion (Ice Nova,Frostbolt) Budget and Endgame, [3.8] Durimon's Auto-Trigger Volatile Dead Trapper Scion, 2 ex for Uber Elder, Blight Maps and ALL, [3.7] ICE SPEAR TOTEM | 15.75 million shaper DPS! 1 PoB, Scion - Mainskill: Blade Flurry - created by kira1414.

Hollow Palm.

1 PoB, Scion - Mainskill: Arc - created by Aucuba057, [3.5] SCION AuraBot Immune to Chaos CI (Chaos Inoculation) - 13 Auras 3 Curses, [3.5][TR/ENG] All Content Cremation Build (Deathless Shaper With 1ex Gear), Scion - Mainskill: Cremation - created by Dunadein, [3.5] Scion Aurabot with Shavronnes - 12 Auras 3 Curses, [3.5] Scion [DE + Jug] Power Siphon CoC Ice Spear, Scion - Mainskill: Power Siphon - created by zxcroyale, [3.5][WIP] The Poison Storm - Cyclone HoA Scion [3.12]]] 3x DARK PACT TOTEMS Build (1.5 million DPS on 1 EX budget, SHAPER DEAD) +VIDEO guide! DPS, CI >9k ES - 90/90/90 Res. [3.9] Durimon' Astral Projector Cold Shockwave Totem Scion, Easy and Safe Endgame, Melting Bosses, [3.9] Durimon's Astral Projector Dark Pact Totem Scion, 3 ex for All, Fast Mapping, Melting Bosses, [3.8] CI Aura Bot (19Auras / Aspect / Smite / Party Fortify / Tanky), [3.8] CI Mjolner CoC Ball Lightning Scion - up to 5M Shaper DPS, 10k ES, 5k+ ES recovery/s, [3.8] DARK PACT TOTEMS Ascendant (1.5 million DPS on 1 EX budget, SHAPER DEAD), [3.8] Ice Spear Totem for Scion | Gatling Gun Girl (GGG), [3.8] Living Saint: Tanky Aurabot - Leaguestarter / Endgame viable, [3.8] DoomHerald | All Content | Millions+ DPS MirageArcher | 7k+ Life | 600+ Delves | 5-Link only, [3.8] Immortal Voidgorger - Consecrated Path Juggernaut/Inquisitor. 1 PoB, Scion - Mainskill: Dark Pact - created by bluewelkin, [3.9] Cospri's CoC Discharge Ascendant This site is fan-made and not associated with Grinding Gear Games, [3.12]] Aura Stacking 70Mil.

* | All Content (Power Siphon Kinetic Blast), [3.12] PESTILENT STRIKE PATHFINDER Build. In Leech We Trust // 7k+ HP - 7k+ life leech // BF Scion (Sla/Rai), [3.9] Elemental Hit Crit | 7-9k Life | 4-9m DPS | Overleech + CC Immune | All Content, [3.9] Oni-Goroshi-Cyclone-Slayer/Juggernaut needs advice. Question. Close. 3 worm flasks and 20% reduced charges used on the tree and you can start rampage whenever.

1 PoB, Scion - Mainskill: Lacerate - created by TybbberLol, [3.5] Crit Starforge Lacerate Ascendant (Uber Elder Deathless), Scion - Mainskill: Lacerate - created by bvgftr, [3.5] The Tempest Monk - Doryani's Fist Ascendant

Slayer/Berserk into Champion/Raider. This makes no sense.. 0. 1 PoB, Scion - Mainskill: Arc - created by DanteKorvinus, [3.10] For Scion - One Punch Girl (Crit. (Grelwood Molten, TankyBossKiller 1M~3M Shaper DPS, Elder/ShaperDown), [3.5] Oni-Goroshi Wild Strike/Molten Strike: (Slayer/Jugg Ascendant, 7K+ HP, High DPS), [3.5] Guffin's Rain of Hope | HopeShredder RoA | All Bosses Down | Fast and Safe Mapping, [3.5][WIP] The Poison Storm - Cyclone HoA Scion, [3.5] For Scion - Dual Curse Crit. 1 PoB, Scion - Mainskill: Vaal Spark - created by maxdalury, [3.12]] Unkillable Budget VD/Archmage/Indigon Self Cast - League Starter, 7.2 M Shaper

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