pediatric gastroenterology mcmaster

Educational activities, which are a priority for the GI resident, include both scheduled rounds and other academic sessions.

The resident is encouraged to submit their expenses within 15 days. This is an annual workshop organized by ConMed Canada. Tests commonly employed in gastrointestinal function laboratories including breath tests and motility studies Final evaluations are discussed with the resident. The Residency Program Committee meets semi-annually to compile a collective rotation and faculty evaluation, respecting anonymity.

The growth in research funding, faculty awards and the expansion into a Research Institute is a testament to the critical role McMaster researchers are playing in the study of digestive disorders. Residents are encouraged to provide feedback on how the rotation and teaching are structured. Evaluation and feedback is expected to reflect the four broad domains of influence which the clinical faculty have with the residents: supervision; teaching; evaluation; and professional behaviour. These interactive lecture series are intended to integrate clinical Gastroenterology with basic science and pathophysiology. The Pediatric Gastroenterology Rotation at McMaster University Medical Centre is intended for Second Year Gastroenterology Residents.

Promotion of a Resident to the next academic level occurs if all rotation periods during the academic year have been completed with satisfactory evaluations. Contact us Trainees in the core program may undertake electives in biliary endoscopy upon identifying an appropriate supervisor. Maintain appropriate relations with patients, 2. All candidates must be Royal College certified in Internal Medicine or Pediatrics in order to be eligible to write the Royal College examination in Gastroenterology. Apply lifelong learning skills of the Scholar Role to implement a personal program to keep up-to-date, and enhance areas of professional competence Provide a productive and innovative training environment. Exhibit appropriate professional behaviors in practice, including honesty, integrity, disclosure, commitment, compassion, respect and altruism Rotation schedule is prepared by the Hepatology Curriculum Coordinator on a monthly basis. Residents must demonstrate the requisite knowledge, skills, and attitudes for effective patient-centered care and service to a diverse population. Cases are chosen to highlight important issues in the medical and surgical management of IBD. All faculty members and health care providers involved in the case are invited to participate to facilitate the discussion. inflammatory bowel disease, viral hepatitis), Develop and demonstrate strategies for implementing life-long continuing education and personal practice audit, Integrate advanced critical appraisal skills into clinical care, Synthesize and present knowledge to local rounds and provincial/national symposia through effective teaching strategies and content to facilitate others’ learning, Critically analyse and disseminate the findings of a research study in oral and written format with presentation in local rounds and provincial /  national symposia, and preparation of a manuscript suitable for journal submission, Demonstrate strategies to maintain and advance professional competence, Recognize and appropriately respond to ethical issues in practice (e.g.

Describe the principles of ethics with respect to teaching, 4.

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