mariner 9 launch

Mars' two moonswere also to be analy… In 1971, the Mariner 9 spacecraft beat the Soviet Mars 2 to the Red Planet to become the first spacecraft to orbit another planet. Elle fait partie du programme Mariner. It was to study temporal changes in the Martian atmosphere and surface. Published: June 11, 2018 An Atlas-Centaur launches Mariner 9 toward Mars from Cape Kennedy's Launch Complex 36B on May 30, 1971. While in orbit, Mariner 9 mapped 85 percent of the Martian surface, an objective it inherited from the failed Mariner 8 mission, and collected … Mariner 9 was designed to continue the atmospheric studies begun by Mariner 6 and 7, and to map over 70% of the Martian surface from the lowest altitude (1,500 kilometers (930 mi)) and at the highest resolutions (from 1 kilometer per pixel to 100 meters per pixel) of any Mars mission up to that point. Elle devient le premier véhicule spatial à se mettre en orbite autour d'une autre planète, battant de peu les sondes soviétiques Mars 2 et Mars 3, qui arrivent moins d'un mois … An infrared radiometer was included to detect heat sources in search of evidence of volcanic activity. modifier Mariner 9 est une sonde orbitale de la NASA qui a aidé à l'exploration de Mars. Mariner 9 est lancée vers la planète Mars le 30 mai 1971 et atteint celle-ci le 14 novembre de la même année.

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