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lumpy star wars

To escape, Chewbacca joins a group of smugglers who are friendly to the Jedi. He was subsequently told by Lucasfilm Ltd. that Chewbacca already had a family,[36] and he accordingly revamped the plot to feature Chewbacca returning home to attend a coming-of-age ceremony for Lumpawarrump. Jowdrrl and Dryanta intended to arrange a farewell feast for Lumpawaroo and Lowbacca, but when Solo was told that they would be assuming the life debt, he refused the offer. The alcohol combined with the drugs and the fact that the father was probably Asian Han Solo and caused the fetus to get fucked up. After Organa Solo planted the final beacon of one line, Lumpawaroo was helping her aboard when the Millennium Falcon's artificial gravity failed and slammed them both against a bulkhead. Patty Maloney played Lumpy in The Star Wars Holiday Special. Whatayasay?" Lumpawarrump and Mallatobuck waited as Chewbacca entered the command deck, but they eventually followed him up when they heard the sound of blasterfire. He left their weapons unguarded when he departed and fully expected Organa Solo to use the Force to open the lock and return to the Rock Council while he was gone. The Wookiees fired on anything that moved, which reduced the power in their hand blasters to critical levels by the time they reached the cargo hold. First appearing in Star Wars (1977),[a] Chewbacca and Han Solo accept a charter to take Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and droids C-3PO and R2-D2 to the planet Alderaan aboard their ship, the Millennium Falcon. Lumpawarrump gave a blaster rifle to his father before he returned to the quad turrets and traded places with Jowdrrl. Dann then departed, and Lumpawarrump and his family donned red robes, gathered Life Day orbs, and made their way to the celebratory Tree of Life to enjoy Life Day among a large gathering of Wookiees. Organa Solo, who was a trained Jedi Knight, retrieved Tarfang's blaster with the Force and held him suspended in the air while Solo attempted to physically snatch Juun's blaster away. He gave Lumpy a heart, a brain, and courage. [4][34], As with many Wookiees, family and honor were very important to Lumpawaroo. Tell me later!" His weapon of choice is the Wookiee bowcaster (a crossbow-shaped directed-energy weapon). Cowboy Curtis said that even though Lumpy was a retard and not the One, Neo was drunk in a gutter at the moment so Lumpy had been temporarily promoted to Acting One, and had to go fight Agent Sith. Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. Chewbacca appears in the third book of the Origami Yoda series, The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee (in origami form) and in some of the subsequent books of the series. He constructed an excellent bowcaster during his hrrtayyk ceremony and proved adept at shooting kroyie birds with it. "It," damaged from the earlier firefight, floated over to the Wookiees and attacked Chewbacca with its fusioncutter, but Chewbacca and Mallatobuck were able to destroy it and retrieve the datapad. It took him nine days to complete, but the quality of the finished product greatly impressed Chewbacca. [7] It is said that Chewbacca's name is derived from собака (sobaka), the Russian word for dog.[8]. Ooohh!" The Wookiees conceded the point and demanded the Solos' weapons; the Solos handed them to Lumpawaroo, but Tarfang insisted that aiding them would deem the Wookiees traitors as well. Many ships orbited the planet; from the Millennium Falcon's cockpit, Chewbacca recognized the Executor-class Star Dreadnought Pride of Yevetha from the recording that the Wookiees had seen; he calculated the orbital data required to micro-jump to within one thousand meters of it. The novel The Hutt Gambit explains how Chewbacca and Han first meet. When they were extinguished, the char left in their wake checked the advancing wildfires caused by the Fifth Fleet, which, thus contained, would eventually die out. He attempts to convince Luke to train Rey as a Jedi and defeat the First Order, though Luke refuses. In the original trilogy, Chewbacca is portrayed by Peter Mayhew. [5], Lumpawarrump and Chewbacca brought Solo aboard his ship and blasted off under the cover of more firecracker mines. After his parents rescued him, the three Wookiees were able to prevent the underdwellers from unleashing a nerve toxin at an upcoming New Republic governmental banquet. LUMPY Alternate Names: Lumwarrump , Lumpawarrump , Lumpawaroo/Waroo [new name/nickname Lumpy takes in the novel, Tyrant's Test] Actor: Patty Maloney Description: Lumpy is Chewbacca and Malla's son, a short, plump, feisty, 10-year-old. Hierbij raakte hij zelf echter zwaargewond. Parts of this article have been identified as no longer being up to date. [34], The character that would eventually be called Lumpawaroo[5] was conceived by George Lucas in 1978 as one of the principal characters of The Star Wars Holiday Special, a television variety show that was spun off of Star Wars, Lucas's film of the previous year. Malla said "Well, when I asked for maternity leave from the Imperial sweatshop I work at they fired me, so I don't think I'll be able to afford to take care of him." [4][34], Several discrepancies regarding Lumpawaroo exist within Star Wars canon. It's also possible that future novels could flesh out the "Lumpy"/"Waroo" story even more. Lumpy now had two hearts, but the second brain was also retarded and the courage was just a medal so Lumpy threw it out. [46] Burtt recorded Tarik's voice at the San Jose Baby Zoo in California. He lost some of his energy when Chewbacca scolded him but gained it back whenever he received praise from his father. Lumpawarrump often came home bloodied after the resulting fights and grew more insular as a result. ", Then Malla comes in and she's like "Take out the trash." Lumpawaroo was separated from his allies by a crowd that eagerly encroached, and the Solos were taken to a nearby prison.[34]. The level is where Chewbacca's home is under attack, Yoda helps him and so at the end of the level Chewbacca and another Wookiee lead him to a space pod to escape, just as in the film. Lumpawarrump received a wound in his right leg from the Yevethans' blaster fire but shrugged off the pain and kept firing—Chewbacca was impressed that his son had met his "katarn" without flinching and that his aim had been true, and he decided that Lumpawarrump had found his rrakktorr and completed his hrrtayyk ceremony. [5], When in Chewbacca's presence, Lumpawarrump sought praise only from his father and ignored instructions issued to him by Mallatobuck. They also help Yoda escape the clone troopers that had been ordered to kill him. Organa Solo deflected it with her blade, however, having been unable to find Rar's presence in the Force—where it should have been was merely a duplicate of Lumpawaroo's presence. The guards moved aside to admit Solo, but Juun and Tarfang intervened and reminded them that the Solos were enemies of the Galactic Alliance. [28] In the following years of peace, Chewbacca was able to spend much more time with his family than he had during the hostilities. Chewbacca's gezin woont nog steeds op Kashyyyk. On one occasion, Waroo witnessed a female friend dying while trying to scale the walls of the daubcrete bunker. He often played as Chewbacca in the hologame "Galactic Rebels" and constantly boasted to his peers that he was as strong as his father. Chewbacca's kenmerkende stemgeluid werd ontworpen door geluidstechnicus Ben Burtt, die hiervoor de geluiden van onder andere kamelen, beren, walrussen, konijnen, tijgers en dassen door elkaar mixte. [10] For The Force Awakens, the role was also shared by Joonas Suotamo, who subsequently portrayed the character in later screen appearances after Mayhew's retirement. [5], It took Formayj several days to acquire the information that Chewbacca requested, and Lumpawarrump grew bored and impatient. Lumpawarrump, enthused by the compliment and convinced that he was in the middle of a "Galactic Rebels"–like scenario, leaped into the hole in the wall. Malla didn't know what to do, so she started drinking. Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo, recently declared enemies of the state by their son Jacen, traveled to Kashyyyk to persuade the council not to support the Chief of State. The gambit worked, and the Commander departed the home with the technician and one trooper, but, suspecting that Chewbacca was a Rebel, left the stormtrooper B4711 behind to apprehend the Wookiee upon his return. [13], In the following years, Chewbacca and Solo became key members of the Rebel Alliance during its struggle against the Galactic Empire. [9] Attichitcuk lived with Lumpawarrump and Mallatobuck in their treetop dwelling[11] and was content to live out his elder years playing with his young grandson. [30], The war raged for four years,[19] and although the invaders laid siege to much of the galaxy and even took Coruscant, Kashyyyk remained relatively untouched. Lumpawarrump often ran right into his enemy's line of fire, thinking only of being as brave as his father. Chewbacca shortly thereafter rescues Rey and Finn from the wilderness of Starkiller Base following their duel with Ren. Before Han is frozen in carbonite, he asks Chewbacca to look after Leia for him. When her opponent began to only fight defensively, Rar fled the engineering bay and disappeared from the ship entirely. The Imperials prized the Wookiees for their small hands and their ability to climb for high altitudes. [1] Waroo was originally created for The Star Wars Holiday Special, a Star Wars Legends TV movie released in 1978. Lumpawarrump grew worried and hid when he heard a knock on the front door, but the visitor was merely Saun Dann, a Human trader and a friend of the family. Do they have long chats sometimes? Lumpawarrump declined, as he found scarring to be socially desirable, but a protective Chewbacca nevertheless demanded that the medical droid use topical treatments to effectively heal his son.

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