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“I met some of the [Boss Key] staff at Dreamhack Denver and can confirm that they are wonderful people who most likely will come back to LawBreakers and support it in some fashion in the future which keeps me excited,” Prizz said. Lawbreakers became something of a meme shortly after release with its number of players failing to set any charts ablaze and it never really improved from there. Considering the nature of LawBreakers' combat mechanics and the high octane action usually found in CliffyB's games, it is clear the developer team had their work cut out for them. Won't know peace until I have Titanfall 3 in my hands. “I enjoy the intensity about it.”, Boss Key Productions’ Lawbreakers launched on PlayStation 4 and PC this week. LawBreakers; Outage Map; Is LawBreakers Down Right Now? They worked tirelessly to produce quality products and, while we had our ups and downs, I’d like to think we had fun doing it. Boss Key Games’ shooter LawBreakers is now free-to-play on Steam (as spotted by Wario64), but the game is set to be shut down in September. Chubby gremlin in charge of this place. “Every corner of the internet said the game was dead, or that Cliffy B’s new game sucked, it was just an Overwatch clone etc. The server shutdown comes a little over a year since the game’s official launch in August 2017. At this point, though, the remaining LawBreakers diehards on PC spend as much time if not more shooting the shit in the LawBreakers 2.0 Discord as actually shooting each other in the game. The game, whose complexity and difficulty also harkened back to the arena shooters of old like Quake and Unreal Tournament, also had the misfortune of coming out right as Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds was taking over PC gaming. Outage History Aug Sep Oct. Reports Dynamics EDT (GMT -04:00) 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 02:00 05:00 08:00 11:00 14:00 17:00 20:00 23:00. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. [Megathread] LawBreakers' servers were turned off on September 14th, 2018. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. The game was first announced as a free-to-play, but publisher Nexon then decided to opt for a $30 price. The developer goes by the name, “joshrife” on Twitter, who said that all of the Lawbreakers servers are officially closed for good. Former Boss Key Productions employee that goes by the username joshrife on Twitter announced that the last of LawBreakers servers have shut down. Originally a Halo and Battlefield player, Prizz switched to LawBreakers during the beta periods when he saw people streaming it on Twitch. It’s powerful, beautifully designed and comes with everything you need to engage your visitors and increase conversions. LawBreakers’ quick match mode is effectively broken for this reason: On any given night you can sit there and watch the matchmaking time tick up as the game searches in vain for enough other strangers to team you up with. The group is small and focused on simply trying to orchestrate matches, often settling for 2v2s or 2v3s rather than fully-populated matches. The studio did not respond to a request by Kotaku for comment on the matter. There, overseen by its creator and owner Jei, who goes by “HenTie” on the server and preferred not to share his full name, people come and go while a few mainstays continually hold down the fort. Contrary to popular speculation, the game would not be going free-to-play, Boss Key said. According to him, the LawBreakers 2.0 Discord was created to help facilitate people finding matches, especially once activity died down on the game’s official Discord server. In some ways, these are the players who have lost the most by investing so much time in a game that never took off like its creators’ and fans hoped. Please note that any and all new in-game purchases will also be disabled and we will not be able to accept any refund requests.”. Home » News » LawBreakers Servers Shutting Down This September. Launching at an inopportune time against already established competition, it never really managed to capture the audience it needed to grow and change into the game it could have been. Following the failure of Lawbreakers, Boss Key made a last-ditch attempt to stay in business with battle royale game Radical Heights, which launched into “Xtreme” Early Acess. While LawBreakers was lauded for its skill-based gameplay and combat in low gravity areas, its playerbase quickly decreased shortly after launch and failed to recover. Lawbreakers is now officially dead. Boss Key Productions was abruptly terminated when Cliff Bleszinski announced the end of the company but it is not exactly like no one saw it coming, even though the employees were caught flat footed by CliffyB's announcement. But while the game’s remaining PC players have largely split with Boss Key’s officially-sanctioned fan spaces, they’re still passionate about the game the studio made. We cover gaming news, movie reviews, wrestling and much more. We’ll never know what Lawbreakers might have looked like if it was a success or had a decent enough playerbase, because it is officially no more. “Our studio is determined to give this game the second life it deserves,” it wrote in an April 5 update. And if you think about it, if the game never flopped, I wouldn’t have met them either.” They’ve become close friends, he says, despite never meeting face to face, and continue to play not just because they love the game but also because some of them are still hopeful that Boss Key will eventually find a way to revive it. Watched a few videos about the death of the game (rip). Many of them don’t hold grudges though, including Callahan. “The game is dead for now.”. That news came just days after the studio said that it would be shifting its focus away from LawBreakers. ,” he said. In LawBreakers, players take on the roles of specialized fighters who inhabit low gravity arenas. LawBreakers, previously known under the code-name BlueStreak, is a first-person shooter video game developed by Boss Key Productions and published by Nexon. #lawbreakers servers are officially closed for good. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. #lawbreakers servers are officially closed for good. “To think, if I didn’t become so involved with the community, I would not have met these people. I just wish there could be more we could do.”, Kotaku staff writer. Live. their feelings stating that they couldn't find any multiplayer to fill the hole left by LawBreakers, while another one Boss Key, the studio co-founded by Gears of War lead designer Cliff Bleszinski, launched a new battle royale game on Steam Early Access called Radical Heights last week. At least on PC, the game only has a handful of people playing at any given time. “It’s funny,” he said. Former Boss Key Productions employee that goes by the username joshrife on Twitter announced that the last of LawBreakers servers have shut down. LawBreakers was a great game that unfortunately failed to gain traction.”, LawBreakers is free for now, but shutting down in September, New Pokémon character immediately crowned gay icon by fans, Cyberpunk 2077 delayed again, won’t arrive until December, The new release date is Dec. 10, and the delay applies to all platforms, Bungie previews the returning Cosmodrome location in Destiny 2: Beyond Light, Bungie details Destiny 2’s Season of the Hunt in new Beyond Light roadmap, Valorant’s latest patch adds newest character, Skye, Deleting your Facebook account forfeits Oculus VR games you already paid for, New Destiny 2: Beyond Light documentary highlights the series’ newest villains, Baldur’s Gate 3 guide: Druid Grove walkthrough and tips, Animal Crossing fans are making run-down islands on purpose, The 11 best Halloween costumes in online games, Steven Universe returns with a sharp, anti-racism PSA. Whether it’s WWE news or something from across the sea, let’s talk shop. Join Cultured Vultures as we bring you some of the biggest news from the world of wrestling. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Often, Steam Charts reports that there’s no one playing at all. It never moved past that phase with Boss Key’s gamble not paying off, leading them to fold after okay but unspectacular player numbers for Radical Heights. Just found out Lawbreakers was a thing. Cliffy B included. According to him, the LawBreakers 2.0 Discord was created to help facilitate people finding matches, especially once activity died down on the game’s official Discord server. A note from “The LawBreakers Team” on Steam today, explained the situation: “In light of the unfortunate news regarding Boss Key Productions shutting down, we regret to announce that we will be sunsetting our support of LawBreakers on September 14, 2018 as we are not able to operate the game. The announcement came the same day that it was discovered the game went free-to-play on Steam, while the PlayStation 4 version still retailed at its original price of $29.99. Live. LawBreakers Servers Closed For Good. LawBreakers was developed by Boss Key Productions with Cliff Bleszinski at the helm. Slurs won’t get you banned from the LawBreakers 2.0 server, but if you continually rip on the game and spam channels with relitigations of why it failed or wasn’t any good, you just might be shown the door. He’s one of the only former pro players of its short lived competitive scene that had stuck around and remains a staunch advocate. The Lawbreakers servers have been shut down, which was confirmed by an ex-developer on the game.

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