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111 South Royal Street Mobile, Alabama 36602 251-208-7569 The National Museum of Natural History remains temporarily closed. Click Here for Directions and Map. Students in grades K-5 get a chance to practice their scientific inquiry skills as they interact with items from the museum’s collections. The National Museum of Natural History remains temporarily closed. Learn about the history of anthropological fieldwork and the diversity of human life through works on paper, photography, sound, and film from archival and library collections. Located in Forest Park, the building is home to a variety of exhibits, programs, and events. The major new exhibit opened to the public yesterday and will run until the end of February, 2021. Other items are from the Konstantinos Kotsanas Museum of Ancient Greek Technology, which displays faithful recreations of Ancient Greek inventions. The Canadian War Museum remains open — book your tickets to the War Museum here . Dig in to unearth the secrets of our planet’s gems, minerals, rocks, earthquakes, and volcanoes. Come face-to-face with a 52-foot-long model of a female mega-toothed shark suspended above our new dining area. It was 100 years ago on August 18, 1920, that women’s suffrage reached a monumental turning point when ratification of the 19. These animals, many of which you can’t see anywhere else, highlight the incredible variety of the mammal family. The striking helmet of the great general Miltiades, and arrowheads from the battlefield of Thermopylae, along with fragments of vases showing scorch marks from the burning of Athens by the Persians, are also on display. Ticket to Run: Campaigns in History October 17, 2020 – April 11, 2021 Link Hallway . This display of miniature lamps features over 250 items displayed in eight mirrored cases. Image Credit: Karen Carr Studio Inc. for the Paleo Angola Project and SeaMonsters Unearthed.

That original has been described as “the first true portrait of an individual European.”The exhibition consists of eight units in total, with the first six units dealing with different episodes and battles of the Persian Wars. Featuring 150 images from the Chicago History Museum’s Chicago Sun-Times collection, Millions of Moments: The Sun-Times Photo Collection is a first look at highlights from five million negatives spanning the 1940s to the early 2000s—one of the largest newspaper photograph collections ever acquired by an American museum. Journey through time from the beginning of life on Earth through the reign of the dinosaurs to the present, a time of immense planetary changes. The Harbor Springs History Museum’s newest temporary exhibit, Anishnaabek Art: Gift of the Great Lakes, is on display now through August 27, 2016. The story of the Olivers’ successful achievement of the American dream is shared in The History Museum’s compelling exhibit about the family, their worldwide business, and the community in which they lived. The exhibition includes 105 ancient works and even a model of an Athenian trireme from the 5th century BC, which bring to life once again the victorious struggle of the Greeks against the Persians. No 02 Millions of Moments. The display includes objects from the National Archaeological Museum as well as other museums across Greece, including the Archaeological Museums of Astros, Thebes, and Olympia. The Missouri History Museum is a nationally accredited institution focusing on local and regional history. Please visit our website for rich and dynamic digital offerings throughout the closure. Explore the breadth, depth, and splendor of the world's most extensive natural history collection.

The Chicago History Museum's eye-opening exhibitions showcase events and people from the city's past and inspire visitors local and from afar. Posters and other artifacts are shown in this exhibit that explores political campaigns through the decades. The stunning bronze statue of a horse and jockey from Artemision, lost in a shipwreck in antiquity but rediscovered off Evia in the twentieth century, is also on display, along with five vases which are masterpieces of the art, showing representations of athletic and musical competitions. This not-to-be-missed exhibition will run until the end of February 2021. Items from the Oliver Mansion that aren’t normally seen on a house tour are on display in this permanent exhibit. Proud Shoes: The Story of an American Family is a new exhibit in the Robert F. Smith Explore Your Family History Center. Artifacts showing the military attire of the Greek hoplites and Persian warriors and written dedications to the winners in the large sanctuaries of antiquity are included in the historical riches of the exhibit. Through seven rooms of life-like dioramas and interactive displays, Voyages tells the compelling story of the people of the St. Joseph River Valley. Uncover the world of ancient Egypt through the ceramics, tools, and jewelry found in ancient tombs, along with four mummies from over 2000 years ago that have been uncovered through modern science and technology.

Examine meteorites that hold the mysteries of the formation of our solar system. Learn about the diversity of bees, flies, and other insects. Credit: AMNA. The scenes on the vessels denote the meaning of victorious contests for the individual and the collective in the world of the ancient Greeks, not only in wartime but also in peace. The story of the Olivers’ successful achievement of the American dream is shared in The History Museum’s compelling exhibit about the family, their worldwide business, and the community in which they lived. Dive into the ocean, from the shore down to the ocean floor. Travel through time, from the origins of the ocean 3.8 billion years ago to the challenges and opportunities the ocean presents today. This immersive multimedia exhibition illuminates Australia’s unique botanical and animal species. Read more. Join epidemiologists, veterinarians, public health workers, and citizens across the globe as they work together to identify viruses in animals and humans and contain infectious disease outbreaks. Compare and contrast the skeletons of flying fish, a massive sea turtle, snakes, a giraffe, monkeys, and many more vertebrates. Learn what skeletons tell us about how different animals live. Examine the diversity, dynamism, and global influence of Africa's peoples and cultures over time in the realms of family, work, community, and the natural environment. Tortured Dog Recovers, Becomes a Symbol of Animal Rights in Greece. Visit our exhibits, past and present, all from the comfort of home!

Get up close and personal with live insects and their many-legged relatives.

The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League was started in 1943 and was active until 1954. Explore how plants and butterflies have evolved in response to each other.

This exhibit was written in conjunction with Jamie Wagman, Ph.D., Saint Mary’s College, and her students. View some of the most intriguing, beautiful, and awe-inspiring objects in our collection. The new temporary exhibition at the National Archaeological Museum… Just click the button below to sign up for The History Museum newsletter. Greece.GreekReporter.com Latest News from Greece, Major New Archaeological Museum Exhibit Celebrates Battles of Thermopylae and Salamis, Greece, Israel, Cyprus to “Create New Geography of Understanding”, Covid Cases in Greece Climb Over 1,000, Setting New Record, Heroes Fight Like Greeks: When the World Bowed to the Hellenic…, Greek Minister of Education Niki Kerameus Tests Positive for Covid-19, Erdogan Plans to Have Picnic in the Occupied Cypriot Town of…, NATO Chief Announces Greece, Turkey to Cancel War Games, Maritime Accord with Egypt an Example for All East Med, Greek…, Court Decision Could Open Way for Greek-Cypriot Refugee Reparations, The Greek OXI Was a Message of Freedom to the World, Massive Greek Flag Overlooks Athens For OXI Day, Greece Marks OXI Day Without School or Military Parades, German Idol Films in Mykonos’ Iconic Little Venice, Stunning Greek Island of Spetses Becomes Setting of Hollywood Movie, Greek Child Piano Prodigy Stelios Kerasidis Releases Modern Version of Famous…, Athens By Night for Greek Superstars Antetokounmpo, Tsitsipas, Late Goal Gives Olympiacos a Winning Start in Champions League, Greek PM Nixes Plan for Return of Fans to Football Stadiums, Stefanos Tsitsipas Gives It All But Loses to World Number One…, Eighty Years Later Greece Repeats Its Historic OXI, This Time to…, Why Turkey’s New Provocation is the Most Dangerous Yet, EU Leaders Give Turkey a Slap on the Wrist, Historic Bonds Between Greece and Armenia Remain Unbroken, Heroes Fight Like Greeks: When the World Bowed to the Hellenic Spirit. The Canadian Museum of History is closed until further notice due to the latest COVID-19 restrictions.

Want to keep informed on the latest tours, events, and exhibits? It was 100 years ago on August 18, 1920, that women’s suffrage reached a monumental turning point when ratification of the 19th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution was achieved. The History Museum’s mailing address is 808 West Washington Street, South Bend, IN 46601. This Roman-era bust, created in the “Severe style”, was based on a Greek original, which dated back to circa 470 BC. Walk through our butterfly pavilion filled with tropical plants and live, flittering butterflies. Learn about the ecology of African elephants, their place in geologic time, and their connections to humans, including the threats they face from poachers. The new temporary exhibition at the National Archaeological Museum, titled “Glorious Victories: Between Myth and History” is part of the celebratory program for the 2,500-year anniversary of the Battle of Thermopylae and the Naval Battle of Salamis. Priceless figures of the gods and the mythical heroes of that time enhance the historical narrative and interlink it with the belief system of ancient Greece, according to which gods and mortals joined forces to achieve the overall victory, based on the value system of the time. Meet your closest ancestors and relatives in this exploration of human evolution. Click the button to sign up for our newsletter.

Can you find a leaping tiger, a pink fairy armadillo, or a South American kinkajou? Want to keep informed of the latest events, tours, and exhibits at The History Museum? The exhibit showcases Anishnaabek (Odawa, Ojibwe and Potawatomi) art from throughout the Great Lakes region, focusing on various media, styles and tribes.

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