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144 Awesome Pick up Lines - The only list you need! How To Tell If A Girl Likes You - 4 Great steps to help you figure out! Love – in ancient Greece, throwing an apple to a woman was seen as a marriage proposal. It happens every four years. A: Sing, Spanish scientists fitted what to cows to increase milk yield? 56. Be challenged not only with numbers but with these math trivia that you might have never heard before. Which chess piece can only move diagonally? On Sunday in Florida it is illegal for a single woman to do what? Answer: Sneeze, #103. Not just because you will want to include questions that the contestants have a chance of knowing the answers to, but also because you need to consider their sense of humor. Answer: White, #83. Consider whether you want to give the competitors a chance or really make them sweat.
Movies, sports, TV, geography, and much more. Answer: Graphite. Answer: Wine. Who is Dhani Harrison, George Harrison Son and What is his Net Worth? In fact, maybe they would know that January 12th is National Marzipan Day! What were Chihuahua dogs originally bred for? In another question, you could ask why toilet paper is pink. A: Brussels, Hugh Hefner’s jet plane was named what? It was first advertised on April 30, 1952. The song was written based on how people walked to keep their balance while on the ferry, which looked somewhat like the hieroglyphics of Egypt. This place is known for causing lots of disappearances and strange occurrences. Unlike ice breaker questions, fun trivia questions have a definite right answer, which makes them great for quizzes. Where were the fortune cookies invented? First color movie of Hitchcock’s was? 99. 7. 110. A: Your dog, Where is it illegal to carry old chewing gum stuck on your nose? #20. A: Overgrown Foreskin, Ancient Egyptians rubbed what on their dicks to enlarge them? There have been five cats in the family so far, and the fifth cat is named Snowball V. Whether you love video games or not, there’s at least one video game that you enjoyed back then or now. Learning with fun is a great technique to increase knowledge. The skeletons were first discovered in 1991, however, due to the hard sandstone that enclosed the bones it took a decade before it was fully assembled.

Here is how to pick the best fun trivia questions: The most important thing to think about is the category that your quiz comes under.

Name the director of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. A: Prettily shaped buttocks, John Paul Getty, one of the world’s richest men had what in his house? Dyeing toilet paper seems to be the French resolution to its grotty surface and might as well to make it more appealing to the public. 100. Fun Trivia Questions and Answers. Is it against the law to catch mice? If you have seen a prairie dog, you might know that it isn’t a type of dog at all. Answer: Veronica Lake.

His father had given him the nickname ‘Meat’ because he was born looking like a “chunk of meat”. Out of 7 which 4 high grossing movies of all time were released in 2017? In which country it is legal to smoke for a kid. Over one million trivia questions on … Have you ever been disappointed that there weren’t enough hard trivia questions in a quiz that you took part in? Christmas is celebrated for almost four months in the Philippines. Every Christmas season, an estimated 3.6 million Japanese families orders a Kentucky Fried Chicken, in what has become a nationwide tradition by the Japanese. Surely other people believed the answer to be 24 hours too.

A bit, short for binary digit, is the smallest unit of data in a computer. A: It’s a cactus plant, In 1971 French riot police were ordered to the Riviera to deal with what? Answer: Dom Perignon. Answer: 3. Diamonds are hard due to the bonding of carbon atoms under high temperature and pressure forming crystals.
#76. Champagne sabering started with Napoleon Bonaparte and his soldiers celebrating its victory that became so popular because of its convenience. #61. #66. 8. This amusing question is a great one to ask at Christmas. A: Cheese, In York, it’s legal to kill a Scotsman (not Sunday)using what kind of weapon? A: Tea Rose, By law in Delaware a newlywed husband must do what if his wife asks?

The west part of Berlin was hidden behind the wall. Fun questions are entertaining, but funny trivia questions are what really makes a quiz enjoyable. Answer: An Army. The T-Rex named as “Scotty”, is said to be 13 meters long and lived in prehistoric Saskatchewan 66 million years ago. It was to keep anyone from entering East Germany and undermine the socialist state. The best way to. Name the largest freshwater lake in the world? Answer: Shep. Psychologists say that men who do what during sex are insecure? Answer: Helen Dunmore. #38. Cheetah is the fastest animal with a record speed of near 70 miles per hour. 50. Answer: Yellow. #77. 81. Who was the founder of Pringles? #68. A: Swimming Pool, Why would women dislike using a West Indian Dildo? A: Laughs .

Interestingly, producers had their minds on Jim Carry for the role of Buddy. #75. Which animal Bill Clinton kept in his office? How do you choose? People of all ages should be able to get involved in quizzes, whether they are young or old.

If colors are not added in coca cola what will be the color? Name the seventh planet from the sun. These are both, fun trivia questions for kids and adults. One dog was completely white (Westie), while the other was completely black (Scottie). A: A nuclear bomb, Who is it illegal to frown at in New Jersey? A: Gamble, What kind of animals are barred from racing in city limits in Key West Florida? This is so blood can circulate to their brain with those long necks in the way. A: To pick noses efficiently, Zaire diverted roads to avoid disturbing communities of what? want to read more funny trivia questions? #23. 70. It’s a bunch of twigs tied together in a stouter wooden pole. The fun trivia questions you will find below will get you laughing for sure, as well. Answer: Pottery. But there are even more ways to enjoy music, like with these fun music trivia questions and answers that will have you dancing along with each one you get right. In ancient Greece, throwing an apple at someone was a declaration of what? Copyright © 2019 All Right Reserved |, 60+ dog trivia questions and answers [Types+History], 90+ rick and morty trivia questions and answers [Unique]. A: Opens Fridge . Almost everyone has heard the nursery rhyme so they will have no problem answering this question. #64. 67. Who created cheese puffs and corn snacks? #16. A: Bob Dole, On Sunday in Missouri it’s illegal for anyone to do what? With how many bricks is the Empire State Building is made of? Here are 5 fun yet hard trivia questions: A falchion is a one-handed, single-edged sword comparable to the modern machete.

A: Peel an Onion, Playing what Randy Newman song on the radio is illegal in Maryland? Get your competitors to pit their wits against each other when trying to answer these Halloween trivia questions. Answer: “Infart” and “Utfart.”, #98. Planning for something entertaining to do at your next gathering or family occasion? It was decorated at Northgate Shopping Center, Seattle, Washington, USA way back December 1950. This is a great fact about the animal kingdom. Fried silkworms are the favorite snack of which countries? Test yourself with these fun animal trivia questions and you’ll be surprised to discover all the things you might not know when it comes to animal facts. Spongebob creator, Steve Hillenburg, is a former Marine biologists and the pinenapple house of Spongebob was not coincidental but based by the fact that sea animals find smells very important. Funny Chat Up Lines You Can Get From Your Roommate. Answer: 14th November 1994. A: Cornflakes, The city council of Chico California set a $ 500 fine for exploding what in the city? Here are 6 fun Thanksgiving trivia questions: Thanksgiving hasn’t always been an observed holiday in the US. A list of interesting, yet funny trivia questions and answers. If you want to make sure you’re choosing the very best fun questions for your quiz, these are the ones you want to browse through. Police getting beaten scene in movies are illegal in which country? #106. Some categories we covered in this post are history, movie, religious, movie, sports trivia, animal and some other funny quizzes. Copyright © Boureston Media Inc // All Rights Reserved | Contact Us | Work with Us | Disclosures: Privacy | Disclaimer | Cookies | FTC | Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Notwithstanding the fact that these questions and answers are referred to as trivia, they are quite an interesting piece to read. Holiday quizzes really aren’t complete without the inclusion of some fun Christmas trivia questions.

Answer: George. If you’re hoping to make your competitors giggle, make sure to choose some questions from the list below. A kangaroo’s can’t hop if? 35. Who is Debby Clarke Belichick ‘Bill Belichick’s Ex-Wife’? Take a quick print out and use these fun trivia questions for games in parties, school groups or perhaps social groups. The average person does what thirteen times a day?

Here the informative fun begins!

Here are Facts About His Education, Family and Net Worth. You have entered an incorrect email address! Killing Abel would make Cain the killer of a quarter of the world’s population. A: Steals a towel. Some people might be able to make a guess in the general area of the answer. Ferdinand Porsche designed what car launched in 1937? Which was the longest war in history lasting over 680 years? If you were painting with tempera, what would you be using to bind together colour pigments?

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