exar kun powers

Allies Pong Krell | Wat Tambor | 1,000s (At least) Cronal | Goals Kun can also use his Force powers to easily control the minds of others and utilize various ot… Grand Moff Tarkin | Durge | Lied about being an archaeologist to Cal Qel Droma and Tott Doneeta when he was really studying on the works of Sith artifacts. Powers/Skills On Yavin 4, Kun intensely studied Sith magic, learning how to unleash enormous amounts of destructive dark side energy, even more so once he discovered Naga Sa… Moral Event Horizon Rule the galaxy Origin Star Wars (Legends continuity) Onimi | The venerated Jedi Master Vodo-Siosk Baas called Exar Kun the most formidable student he had ever trained, and his power in the Force only grew once he accepted the dark side into his heart. The venerated Jedi Master Vodo-Siosk Baas called Exar Kun the most formidable student he had ever trained, and his power in the Force only grew once he accepted the dark side into his heart. Killing his former Jedi master Vodo Siosk Bass. Galactic Conquest Darth Vader (TSW) | Exar Kun Tor Vizsla. Pure Evil Gar Saxon, Legends Darth Sidious | Darth Krayt | Haazen | He wields a double-bladed lightsaber and he takes complete advantage of this unique weapon, using various tactics to make his opponent leave openings. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Kun has also studied a huge amount of ancient knowledge in Sith magic and alchemy. Type of Villain Keeper Agruss | Fully gave into the dark side of the force, erasing any possibility of a shred of redeeming qualities for him to have for the rest of his life. Freedon Nadd Exar Kuns role as Dark Lord of the Sith makes matters far much worse on directly following dark side points every step of the way, becoming almost on the level of Palpatine's threat among the republic and the Jedi and after his death he proved to be a threat to even Lukes Jedi order, making him one of the most dangerous villains in all of Star Wars. Using the core of the Cron Cluster to kill a huge amount of Jedi. Power Hungry Dark Lord He can unleash huge amounts of dark side energies and create various species of dark side predators. Vodo-Siosk Baas called Exar Kun the most formidable student he had ever trained, and his power in the Force only grew once he accepted the dark side into his heart. Captain Phasma, TV Shows Movies Once the choice was made, Kun lost his ability to tap into the light side of the Force, but the dark side offered new possibilities and new abilities to master. Corrupted some of the Jedi within the New Jedi Order that was after Return of the Jedi. Exar Kun | Kill Count Dr. Nuvo Vindi | Worst Crimes Dark Lord Murder Exar Kun is an ancient human Sith who was a major antagonist within the many millennias in the Star Wars Legends timeline, he is the type of force user who has zero restraint in using the dark side of force with no hesitation whatsoever.

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