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Alduin's Empire (Empire, Control) I abandoned this list during construction and never went back to update it - Dragons aren't the same without red.

I can't back up all of the content, but I'm making sort of a greatest hits collection of recent decks from the decks from the site. )SPAHjVbqjWuGiyaArrAQfWcxtimJqhsHoocrfvimydnHtlmabKrPAMmGoerCdLdVhnuAfllYvDdErk, Telvanni Singleton (Gumchoo)SPCXrgakbDxueQfRgsgujVoeovoEoMpeqyrCxjaVblbObUsHdVvKeFgOhUwHyinwwwsmvPbWeXgwhSjHxhspmcmmmxqkqFdojykukPxdnNpPqgqoyBqBuGvDdvxSigiylIvZlCrPaAjtlimOtDohlHqTuiAAAA, Scout Reanimate (Hjorthagen)SPAJgOxhwAmOjalHlRuiaoAEBnijmvfAALnAakbDqyyuqNmmqByxlIvU, Tribunal (Icky Sticky)SPAQgOoPaJbqhNqouGfevZgWxDaAeixRjtkCANfWakcxsHdVfPydmccOeDeGnNrbALbDoeoMhnqNfBimkvlYiylI, This post is a work in progress. Hi IckyStickyBoBicky, I'm a bot, I love T:ESL & I'm sad. From the Grave (Scout, Control) This deck is untested and thus may not be optimized. I can't back up all of the content, but I'm making sort of a greatest hits collection of recent decks from the decks from the site.

The UESPWiki – Your source for The Elder Scrolls since 1995 < Legends: Decks. SPAGgOxhlklHlRaoABnAAOBnakbDgsqykZoPqNaMbWdoqBpavU. Silent Pact. Math Red Crusader (Karakondzul) SPAGtIirgRmUvTraAKmGmVprdelGrjcMfveDkjAIlDhylLnepDdLkzmC, Strike Monk (Eyenie) SPACejumAHfWnMoEpVkGjywCAMwogsqywRwHnwimspwMlYnXwO, Support Monk (Eyenie) SPAAAEfJnMieimAOwocxtmqywRdxthhnwHwZwMeDlYwO, Conscription Telvanni (Frenzy) SPAUpPgsgujVovoEgOmxkunNqouGigaAeBjtmOtDlHqTAIdKbDeQqNrqbWqkrbANnAoeoMqyrCbOsHnwkvhNqBiylI. Hi rtyuuytr, I'm a bot, I love T:ESL & I'm sad.

One of the best parts of Elder Scrolls: Legends is the fact that the in game currency (coins) isn’t all that hard to obtain. Your query matched with too many deckcodes. I only link 10 at a time. 121. Thought I'd share my beloved lists for everyone to use. Hi Karimo101, I'm a bot, I love T:ESL & I'm sad. Elder Scrolls Legends - Best Decks To Buy The Best ESL Decks to Buy One of the best parts of Elder Scrolls: Legends is the fact that the in game currency (coins) isn’t all that hard to obtain.

Each deck can contain up to three attributes, plus neutral cards. Is someone cutting onions? 11 further results were omitted. Craft decks featuring intimidating abilities and powerful allies from across all of Tamriel as you take on story-rich campaigns as well as other players. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the elderscrollslegends community, Continue browsing in r/elderscrollslegends. 27.3k. Just adding some classic decks for archival purposes, might not be tier 1 anymore, but still good enough for competitive fun. Legends: Deck Code. This category contains all pre-made decks in The Elder Scrolls: Legends. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Sad to see the site defunct in a couple of days. A powerful, self-silencing Pact deck with a high degree of difficulty but an … ... Subreddit dedicated to The Elder Scrolls: Legends card game. Press J to jump to the feed.
Is someone cutting onions? Algebra Crusader (Crusader, Hyperaggro) This list is probably the most likely to get to Legend rank. https://www.legends-decks.com/deck/74164/orc-moment-v2. Alduin's Onslaught (Redoran, Control) After Algebra, I'd say this list is the second-most likely to reach Legend with. Jump to: navigation, search. Members. Deck codes are strings of text that can be copied to your clipboard to export and import decks from your deck builder. If there's any links/codes, you feel should be in the list, send the link, Maintenance Mode Announcement (link) will go back up Feb. 1st. For a deck consisting of three attributes, the minimum size is 75 cards, while the maximum is 100 cards.

Online. We're not getting new expansions, so these should hold up well. legends-decks.com Deck Code Gallery. 1 of the deck codes you posted was invalid. Alduin's Schemes (Hlaalu, Control) This deck is untested and thus may not be optimized. Thanks to fenrock369 for creating the awesome webservice I use. Dagoth Crabs (Gumchoo)SPAFjVgRmxuGaAAOdIfTomkXmTpDqhsHdVvKirfvnHxdAOkYkVoepTrCdykgxZcMeXdhhPxevD, Redoran Crabs (Gumchoo)SPADmRejxCAMfTdfkXmTovpepDxbdLirlZraAQwUkYprgplLwcblhUxZsmcMimxWeDxeoR, Crusader (Nijjaro)SPADejgRmUABreAPprdegplLnepDwcxPdLfxirlZrWcMeD, Swarm Assassin (Deviluke)SPABaAACnMdyAPdIsUkVoewdpTrCcfcIdMitymjHnrdh, Animal Assassin (New Orlean)SPAFjSxYrLaAqcADkIhdrPANfTkYkXBgmTwdfDhJymjHdhxenO, Consume Warrior (Blacklotu5)SPAHwyirgRjQnNddAFmtpewebYfvALvGakbDvWvExZkNsmwToRre, Move Monk (Milanman)SPAGxyepgTokpTqnAEjYdypVkJAMsJkKnMcNfikVfhfxfDkGwzdh, Redoran (noplaceforplay)SPAFgRqnhqfcrPAIpDlZfvyAradEqRbKASdYmVbDeQneovperQdLfxhUrWsmbYiXeDwCoR, Orc Warrior (Lord Harkan)https://www.legends-decks.com/deck/74164/orc-moment-v2, Tribunal (RossPierrDol)SPARcxovqhaJejqnbqqouGigqdfeaAwbjttDkCAFfWeQdVvKwCAQbDoeoMrCsHhnuAsmfBfPimmalYvDkArP, Redoran Handbuff (Deviluke)SPADovgOhNAGbcfWaypDxEflAUmGakyFgplLmRlqdLhnytfBfPiXwEeDyzlYlImlqT, Redoran (?????? The Best ESL Decks to Buy. The Elder Scrolls: Legends is a competitive strategy card game set in the Elder Scrolls universe. In Elder Scrolls: Legends, the ramp deck is Scout - and along with the other three decks on this list, it is certainly one of the most powerful decks in the game.
SPABnRAFprcanhjRkjANlDgomVahdegphylLvBnedLfxkz, SPAEnRsjbjfoACbSdMAOfTgUkYbikXmTpqbhfrkpfqbgxehO, Glacial Dragon's Frozen Festival (Battlemage, Midrange), SPADrRwJlHAEgZeZdoozANmGkxoeqErCbXdVvSjHccwxrOgN.

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