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Get the latest triathlon news and gear reviews straight to your inbox by signing up to our newsletter. and believe me i know, i’m an engineer. For a guide, Rolf accompanies a chart with the Ares 4, which is a good starting point, but I did find a high for both grip and comfort; 25mm: 120psi, 32mm: 80psi, 40mm: 60psi, 50mm: 45psi, respectively. Though the rims are tubeless, the tubeless setup will cost you an extra $30 at checkout. Indeed. Thanks for sharing your subjective experiences. Also, that US flag on the rim is pretty deceptive. The top of the rim curves inward slightly with a nice, fat, round top, which presumably helps diffuse impacts when running lower pressures. When you build a wheel and tighten the spokes, they pull the rim to the left or right, depending on which flange of the hub they come from. The wheels were supplied to us with 25mm tyres which bulged out considerably from the brake tracks.

We reviewed the Rolf Ares 4 disc in 2014, there are many updates but the ethos of the wheel is still the same. Most of Rolf’s hubs are crafted in the USA such as its TdF 4.4 and XST hubs.

The shape was solid in the crosswinds, would rocket up climbs thanks to the low weight, and could take a beating when they made the transfer to my CX bike.

01959 541444 The braking is good, though, especially in the wet. The hub flanges are beefed up – I think that could be where some weight comes in.

The XST uses a CNC machined 6AL-4V Titanium freehub body with three independently sprung steel pawls and White Industries T2 High Engagement Drive Ring. The titanium material resists the common gouging from the cassette torque and looks beautiful. Any mechanic that can build or service traditionally laced wheels can work on Rolf Prima. They’re all handbuilt in Eugene, usually to order (which is pretty sweet!

Contact us to connect with them. The Ares then felt as quick and secure in crosswinds as we’d expect of a 42mm rim, and almost on pace with the Enves. You’re assigning positive attributes (ride quality, not quantifiable) to a quantifiable variable (stiffness) without actually measuring the variable. The lack of spokes and smart rim design is notable in wide open, crosswind heavy sections of road as well as dampen road vibrations. The tubeless-ready rims measure 28.6mm external, 19.70mm internal, with a 3.25mm bead. I can only think more stiffness is important if you’re a climber or sprinting at the finish line. Over the years, Rolf has established itself as a leader in carbon wheel construction and long-lasting, lightweight race wheels. Surprisingly, for all the stiffness-boosting features, the Ares 4 felt a bit woolly when out of the saddle and that’s under a 73kg tester, not a big bruiser. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I’ve raced a tubular rim brake version of the Ares 4 for some years, and I always liked them. The rim shape is an update to the Rolf Delta design.

Cudham News; Ratings; Comments; Ares Galaxy is a peer-to-peer (P2P) BitTorrent file-sharing program that lets you quickly publish and share digital files including music, videos, photos, games, software, etc. 4. As for weight, it’s really not about a super high spoke tension.

The Ares 4 rims measures out to…you guessed it – 42mm deep, putting it into the all-around category, but the bulging teardrop shape of the Delta rim makes it more than an average wheel.

All Rolf Prima hubs utilize its patented Differential Flange Diameter in the rear, effectively doubling the number of torque-absorbing spokes and creating a more durable wheel.

You human?

I used Stans 21mm wide tubeless tape to complete the tubeless setup and had zero problems seating tires with a floor pump.

Continental dips into cream sidewalls for Limited Edition Grand Prix 5000 TdF road tire. Ares 2.5.4 free download. As a consequence their lighter weight claims due to the design have never added up. That’s Premier League for aero clinchers. Ares Galaxy is a peer-to-peer (P2P) BitTorrent file-sharing program that lets you quickly publish and share digital files including music, videos, photos, games, software, etc. Sign up for a new account or log in below: Software 112970 Cudham Tithe Barn Rolf’s do-it-all Ares 4 disc wheel aged well as the cycling world pulled towards wider tires, lower pressures, and exploration.

The Ares 4 utilize Rolf’s XST 4.4 hubs – with higher engagement than the previous model from 2014. Much popcorn consumed. The flanges on the hubs are thick and feature Whites sink screw bearing adjustment, neatly drilled through the center lock spline. It has been proven more than 10 years ago how stiffness on wheels did matter in two performance front (when out of the saddle): The rim shape is an update to the Rolf Delta design. I had zero issues setting up the Ares 4 as tubeless and used a conventional floor pump to seat the tires. For those who are curious about the paired spoke design, you’re not the only one. And I can attest that these are pretty much the stiffest wheels available in a good way.

We reviewed the Rolf Ares 4 disc in 2014, there are many updates but the ethos of the wheel is still the same. The main downside outside of spec sheet numbers is bearings, adjustability, and serviceability. • How We Make Money I tested the Ares both tubed and tubeless. • About Us. The updated hub now supports 48 points of engagement (7 degrees) up from the previous model at 24. but you’ve go to remember everyone in the comments section are both climber and sprinter in equal measures, who are always at the front come finish time! Ares. • Ask A Stupid Question The Ares 42mm deep aero rim is an asset in nearly every facet of cycling, and the White Industries platform hubs are fantastic but if you ask any cyclist about Rolf wheels, the first thing they’ll mention is the paired spokes.

Ares Galaxy 2.5.4. It isn’t an issue when you’re rolling along but it does take the edge off climbing performance – they don’t feel as light as they really are. The Ares 4 is heavier than the wheelset they replaced on my road bike, but they ride like a much lighter wheel. And definitely not travel wheels? *

If you are bored from Ares manga, you can try surprise me link at top of page or select another manga like Ares 4 from our huge manga list.Ares 4 released in mangareader fastest, recommend your friends to read Ares 4 now! As the gear becomes more capable, the more I venture to the unpaved and “no winter maintenance” sections in my route selection. No Jan Heine graphs or anything to back that up, just an undeniable tactile difference if you try them out which is why they sell so well when riders get to try them on. Rolf’s Ares line is light, fast, and generally capable of many disciplines. less than this, easy.

That said, if you consider all the factors of the two styles, the paired spoke Rolfs are the loser unless the client wants a wheel that looks different or if they’re prioritizing ride feel/performance over overall quality of life. Though you can set them up just as easily on your own as we did with your personal supply of tubeless tape. ), but some use hubs built overseas. Kinda like the Cole wheel design, light rim with more substantial hub. Ares Galaxy 2.5.4.

Thank you both for the comments and questions. They still use a j-bend spoke and a nipple, it’s all standard. A few long rides with the Bontrager R4 Classics that I’m very familiar with and then transitioned to a Vittoria Rubino 28mm tubeless tire. For those unfamiliar with the paired spoke concept, here’s a crash course; Rolf’s paired spoke design has been around for 20+ years. On the flats, the Ares 4 roll nearly as well as when the road pointed up. The flanges on the hubs are thick and feature Whites sink screw bearing adjustment, neatly drilled through the center lock spline. The paired, minimal spoke usage further reduces drag. The rim profile is essentially a V-shape – Rolf call it Delta – and it’s thinner than the claimed width of 27mm suggests. Thanks Cheese for pointing that out, we’ve updated the piece. Our set of Ares came in at 1530 grams for the set (830g rear and 700g front) without tubeless valves or tape. I feel the Ares rims 19.5mm internal width mates very well with a 28mm as its perfect tire size, though Rolf suggests the Ares 4 can accommodate a tire up to 50mm. My go-to pressures were 45 psi at the lowest and 80 psi max on full-blown road rides. We love learning the technology and celebrating innovation at every level -from crowdfunded start ups to major global brands- and sharing it all here with you! As for Rolf’s sister company Astral, its Approach hubs are made in the USA along with the White Industry T11, CLD, and XMR hubs they commonly build with. There’s something I don’t get when I see RP wheels, considering the lack of spokes, why is the weight so average compared to other normal wheels on the market? To be honest every one of my peers in the wheel side of the industry talks about Rolf’s paired spoke design as an inside joke. Why does POE/Engagement matter on the road? We’ve even dedicated a full AASQ about the that dives further into the background and inception.

I will note that their non-US hubs are higher quality than the j-bend Shimano hubs, for instance. Rolf’s Ares wheels are laced with Sapim bladed CX-Ray spokes with internal alloy nipples. Not all. 2020-02-07 18:56 by Jon Ben-Mayor, Copyright ©2001-2020 Warp2Search.netPowered by Contentteller® CMS System, Already registered on this website? Rolf Prima wheels are easy to pick out in the pack with their trademark paired spoke design and quiet, crisp freehub sound.

I can build a similar depth wheel set that is normal-symmetrically drilled for 300g. Rolf Dietrich was far more entertaining during the litigation years with Trek in the early 2000’s. Though Rolf touts no aerodynamic or YAW stats in the rim profile, the Ares 4 performs exceptionally well in the wind. Priced competitively but not cheap at $1,999.00 the Rolf Ares 4 is worth departing from the big box wheel brands. I just want the wheel stiff enough that it doesn’t rub the chainstays when you sprint. By bringing the spokes to the rim in pairs, the lateral spoke forces are offset over the pair of two spokes. You should be able to ride these wheels are – racing and not – and enjoy it the whole time. Attacking and sprinting the Ares 4 is quick, losing a wheel in front of you the Ares jump fast, even when you feel there’s no more left. These lateral forces need to be balanced (and stay to balanced) for a wheel to remain true.

A few long rides with the. Get Bikerumor’s top stories delivered straight to your inbox every week! with a single click. They used to push the weight angle pretty hard, but recently have started to focus on stiffness as the differentiator. Spokes- Europe. is the world’s largest cycling tech blog. The rim shape feels great weaving in and out of switchback descents.

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